How To Become a Successful Blogger in Nigeria

Becoming a blogger in Nigeria may be a fulfilling experience for many, whether they do it as a pastime or to increase their professional internet profile. People can simply build their own blogs on any topic and share information, stories, advice, or knowledge with the world by using one of the many tools and platforms that are accessible. It is crucial to comprehend the basic processes involved in being a blogger if you want to build your internet presence and monetize your website fast and simply. This article defines a blogger, outlines the seven easy steps to become a blogger, and enumerates the critical components of a profitable blog.

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger writes content for their own blog, which is an online publication. Although they may also incorporate video and image content, the foundation of written content is what makes a blog unique. For example, some people might only share comparable material in the form of videos; these are called vlogs, which are video blogs or video logs as opposed to written articles.

Bloggers may choose to write for a variety of purposes, including news, information, instruction, amusement, and narrative. Some may even mix and match elements of these various blog styles.

How to Become a Blogger: Step-by-step Guide

Blogging has developed into a potent medium for marketing, influence, and self-expression, going beyond the simple act of maintaining an online blog. Novice bloggers can use blogging as a tool to expand their online profiles for professional and business purposes.

But the truth is that there are a few bumps in the road and that blogging can be difficult at times. But sit back and let us guide you through the confusing world of blogging in Nigeria so you may do it with ease.

We’ll start by examining some unorthodox tactics and fundamental blogging ideas that can help you succeed in your blogging endeavors.

#1. Discover Your Own Voice

In the vast ocean of diverse information, discovering your own voice is essential to blogging success.

As a content developer, you must first identify what makes you stand out from the competition and what makes you distinctive.

The next step is to build on that and embrace it without fear. Authenticity is a powerful tool that attracts readers, whether it is from personal experiences, cultural insights, or years of professional experience in a particular field or industry.

#2. Involve Your Viewers

Starting a blog involves more than just publishing a few articles. The skill of creating and growing an online tribe or community is what blogging is all about.

Creating audiences that regularly interact with you by giving them high-quality content that keeps them informed and improves upon what they previously knew, as well as answering questions, holding surveys, starting discussions, and more.

Yes, a blogger’s main goal should be to keep their readers interested by publishing only provocative topics and encouraging a range of viewpoints that will appeal to their varied readership.

#3. Accept Non-Traditional Niches

The most desirable niches are very crowded. It’s time to pursue niches that aren’t as common as they seem and are distant from the well-known ones.

Although blogging about travel, fashion, and lifestyle are popular categories, don’t be afraid to venture into uncharted territory; it will make the process of blogging much simpler. As a novice blogger, you should laboriously locate obscure and unexplored themes where you can obtain a better result with less website power.

Niche blogging has the potential to propel anyone into the forefront of their chosen industry, whether it be eco-conscious gardening, antique car restoration, or dog breeds.

#4. SEO: Your Most Effective Friend

Optimizing your blog for search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to realizing its full potential. You must go deeply into competitive analysis and efficient keyword research.

Additionally, ensure that your website is constructed using the best SEO practices. If you are unable to do this yourself, you can use a web design company such as Web Design Nigeria. We are your most dependable growth partner when it comes to growing your web company to its full potential.

As we hinted, you should always make sure to write engaging meta descriptions in addition to correctly optimizing your content pages with meta tags.

Fundamentally, you must study SEO from seasoned digital experts like Neil Patel, SEMrush, Backlinko, and others.

Gaining an understanding of SEO will enable you to use the finest SEO strategies, setting your blog up for success and allowing it to occupy the top spot in search engine rankings. Remember that producing high-quality material is also a prerequisite for this, which we shall cover in more detail below.

#5. Narrative Design

Videos and pictures are powerful tools for drawing viewers in. You can act wisely Incorporate captivating videos and eye-catching images into your blog articles to weave visual storytelling into an immersive, multimodal experience that connects with your audience.

You may accomplish this with a variety of apps, but our top picks are Canva pro and You can harness the power of dynamic content generation with these two tools, which will help your blog gain the exposure it requires to succeed.

#6. Leveraging Social Media Marketing’s Power

You can use Nigeria’s thriving social media community, which is rather active right now, as a kind of launchpad for your blog’s success. What?

You can use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Instagram threads to expand your fan base and establish connections with more people.

By selecting a few of your most interesting blog entries, you may distribute them to your audience on social media in order to cross-promote your material. They will be compelled to visit your website to read the complete version due to the high caliber of material and useful information it contains, which will increase the amount of high-quality traffic to your website.

It doesn’t work to write and publish material, publish it, then go to bed. Instead, try promoting it on platforms where more people may view and interact with it.

#7. Work together for greater effect

Working together with other bloggers or influencers is one of the quickest routes to success for a blogger.

You may increase your reach and influence by forming collaborations with brands, organizations, and other bloggers. Blogging is not something you should do alone.

Collaborative projects can increase your blog’s credibility and help you get to know new readers.

#8. Monetization: Seeing Past Conventional Advertising

A good blog must include monetization, but sadly, the majority of inexperienced bloggers rarely consider options other than standard display advertisements.

Although we acknowledge that display advertising are the simplest method to immediately monetize a website, particularly when it’s still in its infancy, we don’t think it’s the best option available.

There are many other ways to make money from your blog. A few of them include affiliate marketing, which involves promoting other brands’ goods and services on your site in exchange for a commission. Other options include making your own courses, eBooks, webinars, services, e-commerce, offering subscriptions to exclusive content, creating merchandise, and much more.

In summary, experiment with different, higher-paying monetization strategies for your site in order to achieve better outcomes.

#9. Use cutting-edge, tested marketing technologies

The digital world is a place where technology is always evolving and unpredictable. To effectively cater to their audience’s interests in a distinctive way, a successful blogger should stay up to date on the latest trends and marketing tools.

This may be accomplished by modifying your blogging tactics to take advantage of new developments and technologies head-on. By doing this, you can maintain the relevance and freshness of your blog’s procedures.

#10. Evaluate your advancement

On this journey, metrics and analytics will serve as your compass. Periodically assess the performance of your blog to see how well your content marketing approach is working.

This will assist you in determining which methods are effective and which ones you should drop because they don’t appeal to your target demographic. You may use a number of tools for this, including SEMrush, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, and Google Search Console.

You may improve your content strategy and set up your blog for even better outcomes by being aware of your influence.

What Should Go in a Blog

There are a few things you should never forget to include on your page when starting a blog. While some of these help to set the terms of your site or introduce you as a blogger to your audience, others give transparency to the reader. The following are some of the crucial elements of a prosperous website:

  • Disclaimer of affiliate ads
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of service
  • About Me page
  • Contact information

Beginner Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

As a novice blogger, you should try to stay away from several common blunders that most bloggers initially fail to recognize. They consist of:

Mistake #1. choose a free blogging platform to launch a blog.

Start your blog on a paid site like or if you are serious about blogging and prepared for the business.

Making money on these free blogging platforms is challenging. Make sure to get a bespoke domain name from if you plan to use the Google free blogger platform.

If you have the funds, you can choose an international web hosting provider, but you can also find reasonably priced web hosting locally for less than 500 naira a month.

Mistake #2. Choosing a domain that is overly specialized or obtaining the incorrect domain extension.

Choosing to launch your blog with is usually the best choice because it will help it be positioned to draw visitors from all over the internet, regardless of where your target audience is looking.

A too-limited domain can also limit the kinds of content you can think of for your blog, particularly if you’d like it to cover different topics. Even though you can change your domain at a later time, it is not a smart idea since it will negatively impact your SEO.

Mistake #3. It isn’t monitoring website performance and traffic right away.

Without Google Analytics and Google Search Console from the start, it is hard to demonstrate your growth trends, which makes it difficult to pursue sponsorship agreements or other significant forms of revenue.

Mistake #4.  Creating your website with ineffective speed.

Slow plugins, web hosting, and themes can all seriously harm your website’s SEO efforts. One important aspect of your SEO ranking is speed. As a result, you should only choose themes and plugins that are fast-built, cleanly coded, and free of bloatware.

Mistake #5. The URL structure is not short and straightforward.

On-page SEO requires careful consideration of permalinks; shorter, simpler permalinks perform better on blogs than ones with excessive subfolders. Your SEO and traffic may suffer greatly if you ever stray from the original, intricate subfolder rules since a lot of your pages will start returning 404 errors before you know about them.

How Much do Nigerian Bloggers Earn?

The average yearly compensation for a blogger in Nigeria is ₦1,020,136, according to PayScale. This amount isn’t fixed in stone, though, as bloggers can make a lot of different money. While some bloggers might only make ₦100,000 a year, others might earn over ₦50 million.

How Do Bloggers Get Money?

Aside from signing up for affiliate networks and marketing your own goods and services, prosperous bloggers routinely make direct pitches to companies. However, it is imperative that you have a media kit ready for the individuals and companies you wish to collaborate with before you begin to pursue brand collaborations.

How to Earn Money from Google?

Publishers can monetize their online content by using Google AdSense. AdSense matches adverts to your website according to the visitors and content on it. The advertisements are made and funded by companies looking to advertise their goods.

Can a Blogger Become Billionaire?

You have no reason not to be able to. While it could be challenging for a novice blogger to make money at first, it’s not too hard to scale up to become a billionaire. Maintaining a functional system just requires patience, repetition, and rinse-and-dash.

In summary

In Nigeria, becoming a great blogger takes more than just technological know-how; it also takes an adventurous attitude and a taste for risk-taking.

You would be able to negotiate the unstable digital landscape and carve out a prosperous niche for yourself if you could pay attention to everything that has been said here and put it into practice.

Remember that every turn you take on this exciting trip will help you on your way to being one of Nigeria’s most well-known bloggers.

I hope you have success.


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