Real Estate Business Cards: Best Ideas, Templates, Samples & Quotes to Close deals Faster

A famous rule in real estate says “ABC: Always Be Closing.” And one way to ensure you stick to this golden rule is to have well-designed and captivating real estate business cards.

This is because it represents your brand. And although you can’t put all your properties on the card, a good design can make it describe your real estate business in the exact way you want your customers to see it.

So, you need to make good use of the small space you have to create something worthwhile.

Not to worry, this article will show you some real estate business card templates and ideas you can choose from to help you close the deal always.

Hence, without further ado, let’s get started!

Why is Real Estate Business Cards so Important?

Due to your type of business, the effect of business cards may not be as intense when compared to other businesses.

Regardless, it still has a role to play. So, here are a few reasons real estate business cards are very important.

1. Serves as a networking tool

The real estate business is one that requires a face-to-face meeting before decisions can be made. So after meeting with your client, one way to make him remember you is to hand out a well-designed business card.

This crowns all of your efforts and prevents you from losing the client due to his or her inability to remember you.

2. Build good relationships

Business cards are also used to help you kickstart client relationships. You know business cards are handed out when you and the client have exchanged pleasantries and has reached a certain level of warmth and comfort.

So, handing out your business card when spending time with a client can prove fruitful to your business.

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3. Serves as a marketing Tool

Business cards serve as a marketing tool that can be used to advertise a business anywhere. If well-designed can lure someone into checking what details are on the card. So, by just requesting to the card, the person gets to know about the business.

All you need to do is hand out the card to any of your potential clients. And it markets your business for you.

4. Makes people refer you

Naturally, a business card should contain your contact details as well as what it is you do. This helps you get referrals from people who you’ve previously given your card to.

For example, Mr. A is having a drink with his friends and then he begins to discuss the house he acquired recently, or the land he bought at a fair price. Then his friends who are comfortable with the price start making enquiries to know how they can purchase something similar.

All Mr. A has to do is to hand out your business card to his friends and have them contact you. Boom! new clients arrive.

5. Good first impression

One way to look like a professional in your industry is to have a business card. It puts you above others and makes you look serious and ready to do business. Isn’t it what you want after all?

All this and more makes a business card very important to your business. However, if it doesn’t contain the right information, then it loses its aim.

So, what relevant information should be on your real estate business card? You’ll get to know.

Real Estate Business Card Requirements

The best business cards showcase the brand positively. It is build around the business’s identity and it comprises of a few things.

Here are the features of a good business card.

1. Business name


The main reason you want to have a business card is to advertise your business. So the most important information that your business card should have is your business name.

Hence, ensure that you come up with a business name that describes your business just how you want your customers to understand it. One that is clear, simple, unique and most importantly memorable.

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Your business name and business logo go hand in hand. They both look and appear good together. This is because, people who may not remember your business name are most likely to remember you business logo once they see it. This makes it another way of branding your business.

You wonder why most car manufacturers don’t bother adding their names, its because their logo does the job for them, suits perfectly on the body of the car and makes it look very beautiful.

So, hire a graphics designer and have them design a logo for your business.

3. Business details


Your business details are the next most relevant information that should be on your business card. Stick to only the details that matter and keep the information simple, short and direct.

The main details that should be on your business card include company name, title, address/ location of the company, telephone number, and email address. You can also decide to add your photos or property photos.

You can also decide to add your social media handles. But don’t add so much information that makes the card appear cluttered.

4. Brand Color


If you take a close look, you’ll see that all business cards don’t have the same color. This is because the brands are different and as such everyone has its unique color.

So, when choosing your brand color, go for something that best describes your business.


5. Font Style


It’s not just the colors that are different. You’ll also notice that the font styles are different too. The whole idea is to choose which one best resonates with your brand.

As a matter of fact, there are several font styles to choose from when designing your business car. So which one you think best suits your taste.

6. Shape and Orientation


Business cards can come in different shapes and orientations. From the regular rectangular-shaped cards with landscape orientation to square, circular or oval-shaped cards with portrait orientation.

So, choose which one best suits you.

7. Card stock

The final thing that makes up a good real estate business card is its quality. The best business cards are often printed on 400gsm (gram per square meter) card stock with matte, glossy, or silk finishes.

Glossy surfaces make the card look catchy to the eye while the matte and silk finishes give it a more luxurious look especially if printed on a 400 gsm card stock.

Nonetheless, you can still use the regular (200 to 340gsm) to print your business card on. They are more affordable and can still be used with glossy, matte, or silk finishes.

How to Create the Perfect Real Estate Business Card

Creating a business card for your real estate isn’t very difficult. As long as you have a design tool you want to use, whether Canva or Adobe Spark, the rest is easy. The first step is to identify the real estate business card template section. So, you can either use the blank card and design yours from scratch or you can choose any of the templates and customize it.

To this effect, here is how to create the perfect real estate business card

1. Choose your card shape and orientation.

Right there, you have the blank white work sheet that you ca start designing your business card on. You can decide to use rectangle, square, circular or even oval shaped business card with either a landscape or portrait orientation.

The most important thing is to choose which one best suits you.

2. Add business name and color

After you’ve chosen the size of your business card, the next thing is to choose which color best describes your business.

In addition, add your business name to your card as that’s one of the most important details that should be on it.

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Go ahead and add your business logo to your card, alongside other graphics you have designed for your business. Your logo doesn’t have to be complicated. It can just be a simple roof or house-shaped structure with the first letter of your business name.

Or it can be any household item joined together with your business name.

4. Add details

Now it’s time to add all the relevant information about your business to your card. Information like your name and title(optional), telephone number, email, address, to name a few.

Ensure that it is just what is supposed to be on your business card that is there. Also, be mindful of the font style you use.

5. Your card is ready

After you’ve added all the necessary information, assess your work to be sure you aren’t missing anything. Check your logo position, spelling, name, details, color, and ensure everything is perfect before you print.

If you’ve done that, Congratulations your real estate business card is ready to be printed and handed out.

Top Real Estate Business Card Ideas

Below are some really good real estate business card ideas I picked from Canva and Adobe Spark. I use Canva a lot so I can boast of their top-notch business card templates that are easy to customize.

1. Unique Real Estate Business Cards

Image from Freepik

Let your customers know how different your brand is with this unique real estate business card idea. What I love the most about this business card is how the logo is placed and printed. It screams unique all around it.

2. Luxury Real Estate Business Cards

Image from Freepik

Looking for something a bit more luxurious or of high-quality. Then think about this business card design. Its color combination gives off a more mature, serious, and boujee.

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3. Real Estate Business Card with Photo

Image from Freepik

Using this business card, allows you to create a human touch to it. Real estate business thrives on relationships. And putting your picture on your business card makes you more relatable.

It also makes your clients remember you even if they forget your business name or logo.

In addition to your face photo, you can showcase one of your property on the card. A clear visual representation of your realtor specialty can greatly help your business thrive.

4. Simple Real Estate Business Card

Image from Freepik

If you prefer to be simple yet elegant and classy, then this real estate business idea is good for you. It helps you have all your details in one place.

5. Creative Real Estate Business Card

Instead of customizing any template, you can decide to be more creative by totally creating your own real estate business card.

Use any of the design tools listed below to create a jaw-dropping business card for your business. And you’ll be glad you did.

Real Estate Business Card Maker

There are a lot of tools and online design sites that can be used to create a good business card. But since we only care about giving you the best of experience, here are the best tools to use when designing your real estate business card.

And guess what? They are all free.

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What Is the Best Color for a Business Card?

The colors that stand out the most on business cards are those with black backgrounds or red accents. However, your client’s needs might not always be met by the eye-catching colors. More power to you if your customer already has a corporate color palette that they employ for other things bearing their brand.

Why Do Realtors Have Pictures on Business Cards?

It’s all about branding, most agencies would tell you. Potential buyers and sellers will call you if they see your face around the neighborhood frequently enough to believe you are successful. Alternatively, a picture can convey a thousand words.

Whats the Most Important Thing on a Business Card?

Your name is the thing that people are most likely to remember, so make sure to provide enough of room for it on your business card. The name of your company should, in general, take up the most space on your card.

Should Business Cards Be Double Sided?

Put all of your direct contact information on one side of a double-sided card and use the other to promote your company to get the most out of it. Additionally, double-sided cards present a fantastic chance to increase the value of your card.

What Is the Luckiest Color in Business?

Power comes in red hues. The most widely used hue in marketing is because it captures and holds consumers’ attention.

What Is the Most Professional Font for Business Cards?

The ideal fonts for business cards are sans serif fonts. When printing business cards, choose easily readable fonts like Helvetica, Futura, and Arial. When making business cards online or with desktop publishing software, they also perform well on digital displays.

Is It Better to Have Glossy or Matte Business Cards?

In general, glossy business cards are more durable and of higher quality than matte ones. When choosing between glossy and matte finishes, durability is undoubtedly a positive. Furthermore, glossy business cards are fantastic if you want to make colors stand out.

Get the Best Real Estate Business Cards

One of the surest ways to get more clients is to have a business card. Have it with you at all times and never forget to hand it out when you have the opportunity to network with potential clients.

Go through this article and choose which business card idea suits you. And if you’re unable to find any, use any of the listed design tools above to create something distinct to your brand.

If there’s anything you’d like me to add, kindly let me know in the comment box below.

Good luck!

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