Top 3 New Crypto Projects to Hold Long-term

New crypto projects are likely going to be all the rage in 2023, due to previous examples of success. SHIBA was pretty much a brand new project when it started making millions for its investors, and the same goes for other similar projects now dotting the blockchain market.

Therefore, we would like to outline 3 individual crypto projects that are relatively new on the market, and that deserves a really tight HODL from their investors. Without further ado, let’s get into the list.

Stadium.Finance – Crypto Token Wars

This project was released in November 2021 and has already managed to score around 1000% of its initial value. However, this is more of an average calculation as Stadium Finance has 2 distinct native tokens, SAPE and SPEP.

The model of the project is that SAPE and SPEP compete on a daily basis with each other to determine which of them will have a small volume of their supply burned. This helps regulate supply while keeping demand the same, thus steadily growing the price of the tokens.

The main reason why this project is a perfect opportunity for long-term investment is due to those very same burns. Eventually, within a year or two, the supply will have reduced so much that each token could potentially reach a much higher value compared to its current price.

Thus, getting in early to see the project grow can prove to be a really good idea down the line. Furthermore, diversifying the investment across two different tokens also makes it a pretty safe option.

PancakeSwap – The Next BNB

PancakeSwap is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency exchange with its own native cryptocurrency called CAKE. In recent months, PancakeSwap has become a hub for new crypto projects who tend to register their newly released tokens on it.

By incorporating CAKE into the transactions that happen on PancakeSwap, the project has a really good potential of skyrocketing its price and popularity in the blockchain world. The way to this is pretty clear as well, considering how Binance managed to popularize its native BNB as well.

Therefore, PancakeSwap is a perfect long-term investment platform due to even more crypto projects being developed and likely to be listed there first.

LuckyBlock – The Future of Lotteries

LuckyBlock is a revolutionary token designed for online gaming that helps players cash out their jackpots or lottery winnings instantly, without having to go through too much screening and waiting times with the provider.

LuckyBlock is one of the few tokens that is going to completely disrupt the gaming market as it has the potential to become the sole token used by online gaming platforms.

Still in its development phase, LuckyBlock is considered a fresh project, thus has the opportunity to grow even further than where it is today.

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Originally posted 2023-09-29 02:30:00.